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This question could be answered, and sometimes is, with reams of interesting words and pages of high tech jargon. It would be safe to say, if you wanted to, you could find enough magazines and books on the subject to last a lifetime of really boring reading. So we will make this as simple as possible. Or lets say this is our opinion of CAD.

CAD Computer Aided Design or Drafting. Inputting lines, arcs, coordinates, dimensions and text for engineering purposes not onto paper but into a data base. The beauty of this is the ability to manipulate the data in many ways during and after completion of any job. There are many types of CAD systems and brand names, but you can break it down into two types, 2D and 3D.

2Dimensional almost like drawing on a drafting board, essentially a flat view usually dimensioned and detailed to some type of standard but is somewhat limited. 3Dimensional is very popular, and with the ability to manipulate 3D Models as if they were actual solid objects, very desirable. Each 3D model is an exact replica of an existing object or idea of an object but in digital format which can be up scaled or down scaled or modified to any specific tolerance. These digital objects are then ready for multiple views, or cross sections, dimensions and details, just like 2D drawings. But 3D models have much more to offer, NC programming can be done to create actual products, see CAM, or even for graphic development for the animation industry, which is also very popular.

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