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RD400 Daytona Special Blast from the past. 1976 440 Sno-Twister

Have you ever wanted to restore that older classic into a dream machine that all your friends would just drool over, only to find that those simple little decals you need to finish off the job are no longer available or discontinued?
We may be able to help you.

Always check with your local OEM dealer first for availability of decals. If they are still available we expect you to buy from your OEM. Most dealers have not been around for 40 years and will not even have records or part numbers on vintage models. NOS decals have a shelf life and OEM's stop production at some point. So be kind to your dealer when they can't help you.

We are developing several online catalogs to make your restoration project possible.

Discounts are possible to anyone interested in helping us develop decal kits. We will only develop original stock decal kits to keep the past alive. If we do not have them in our data base it may be your lucky day.

Check with us and we'll let you know.

Due to the high demand for reproductions of decal kits. Some restrictions are in place for this proposal. The reality is that with so many different models & makes to develop, no one could do them all. Our designers have been working very hard to keep up with demand.
We have the right to decide which models & makes will most benefit our product line. Please feel free to contact us with your request we will do our best to help you.




Place your order, we manufacture, and ship the product to you, then you apply it. See vinyl Application Tips. It's easy.

Many of our customers have won show awards using our decals. We use only the best materials that gives you years of lasting color in all outdoor conditions. We print our decals using the latest digital print technology. All of our graphics are made the same way the OEM made them or better. You can even clear coat paint right over the decals to preserve them, just like original.

This way out!

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